Group : Coat

List of descriptors

  1. Pair of wide median nuchal stripes
  2. Coat of hindfoot
  3. Coat of upper leg
  4. Coat of inner upper leg
  5. Spots on upper leg
  6. Coat of forefoot
  7. Coat of upper arm
  8. Mid-dorsal crest
  9. Length of hairs on tail
  10. Tip of the tail
  11. Chin
  12. Sagital (nuchal) crest
  13. Rings on tail
  14. Dorsal spots
  15. Number of bright rings on tail (not included, if present: i) short, distal bright ring, and ii) last bright ring covered with dark)
  16. Relative width of the bright rings over the dark rings (middle of tail, dorsal view)
  17. Shape of the first dark rings of the tail
  18. Distal part of the tail
  19. "Dirty"stripe longitudinally crossing the rings of the upper part of the tail
  20. Mid-dorsal line
  21. Longitudinal coalescence of the first row of dorsal spots (contiguous to mid-dorsal line)
  22. Density of distribution of dorsal spots
  23. Mid-dorsal line, pattern
  24. Mid-dorsal line, coloration